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New Feature: Call Transfers

November 21, 2023

New Feature: Call Transfers!

Introducing Call Transfers! This new feature allows you to transfer your connected contact with another number in both warm transfers and cold, or blind, transfers. You can also use this feature to have a merged conference call with 3 parties.

Updated Dialer Buttons

When connecting with any lead you'll see a new button in your dialer shown below. This is the transfer button that you can click to launch the transfer contact selection modal.

How does it work?

Initiating a Transfer

To start a transfer, you'll need to have a live connection with someone using the dialer, and then click on the transfer button in the dialer. This will launch the Contact Selection Modal.

On this screen you can enter in any valid 10 digit phone number in the "Enter name or number" field. Any number you add here will be created in this modal as a contact to be used in the future. You may also set a name for this contact that will be a nice way for you to remember and organize your list of transfer contacts. This name can also be updated any time you open this modal in the future.

You may also delete any of the contacts from this list.

It is also important to note that you'll still be live connected with your primary contact while you are entering in the number to transfer them to. They won't be placed on hold until you begin a warm transfer by click that button, or disconnected from you and sent to the transfer target when you click the cold transfer button.

Cold Transfer

After you've opened the contact transfer modal and selected a contact, or entered in a new number and it is highlighted blue to indicate it's selected as in the image above, then you can click "Cold Transfer". This is a blind transfer, so when you click this button the contact is disconnected from you and they will ring to the number you've selected as the transfer target contact.

Warm Transfer

A warm transfer is a bit more complicated of a process than the cold transfer, but provides an assurance that the primary caller will be able to connect to your transfer target contact because you'll be bridging the call for them. It is also a common practice to do a warm transfer to inform the transfer target contact of who you are going to transfer to them and be able to do introductions when the calls are bridged.

To perform a warm transfer, you'll need to have a live call and click on the transfer button as described above. Find or enter a transfer target contact and click on "Warm Transfer". This will place the primary contact on hold and they will hear some nice classical music while you dial to connect to the transfer target contact.

While you're dialing, you'll see the mini-dialer update to indicate that your primary caller, in this case, Hal Emard, is on hold. You'll also see the transfer target contact status. Before you connect to the transfer target contact you'll have the option to cancel the transfer. This will take Hal off hold and reconnect you with him. From here you can attempt another transfer. When your transfer target contact answers the phone, the button on the far right will turn blue. This is the merge button. Pressing this button will take Hal off hold and connect all 3 parties together.

When you are in a merged 3-way call, you'll see the dialer show both contacts as connected. You can choose to end the call for all, by pressing the hangup button and disconnect all lines, or leave the call. If you click the leave the call button you will disconnect, but your primary contact and target transfer contact will remain connected.

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