What is WAVV?

WAVV is a collection of embeddable communication products used by thousands of businesses that reinvent how they engage with their clients.

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How WAVV works

WAVV is integrated within your platform using a set of Javascript libraries that you can call. With just a few lines of code, the WAVV UI is loaded as a modular toolbar directly into your platform.

Our tools enable your platform to see everything that a user is doing inside of our products, as well as exposing a deep level of integration to help WAVV feel more at home in your interface. Our model allows you to integrate one step at a time, only requiring a minimal setup to get Wavv running.

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Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.


"Most real estate tech companies are focused on two things: lead generation and customer management (CRM)… they under spend on lead follow-up (as do their clients)."

Jack Miller
CTO at T360

”Users were associating the success of working our leads with the 3rd Party dialer, instead of with us. We wanted to change that, and integrating WAVV not only fixed that but increased ARR.“

Curtis Fenn

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