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New Feature: Mini-Dialer!

October 4, 2023

New Feature: WAVV Mini-Dialer!

We are excited to announce the release of the new WAVV Mini-dialer!  This new dialer is a re-envisioning of our original dialer with all the features and functionality but designed with a focus on creating the smallest footprint in your CRM.

Minimal Design

We’ve managed to cram all of our features into an all new minimal design that still supports up to 3 lines of simultaneous dialing. 

Also, when you’re not focused on the dialer you can now minimize it, and it will hang out in the bottom-right corner of your CRM.

New Call Connection Modal

With this release we’ve updated the call connection modal that user’s see before beginning a call.  This updated design shows much more clearly that you can have WAVV call you as one of the options for connection.

Drag and Drop

The Mini-dialer can be dragged by clicking on the top bar of the dialer and dragging it to anywhere inside your CRM window.  The next time you start a call session with WAVV, the mini-dialer will reappear where you’ve last left it.  This allows for even more customization and helps the dialer be more minimal.

No More Countdown timer

Previously when you ended a call session with WAVV there was a countdown timer that would countdown 10 minutes before the dialer would go offline.  We’ve removed that countdown timer with this release and extended the amount of time that the dialer will remain online without activity before disconnecting.

Faster Speed to Lead

As you begin to use the mini-dialer for your prospecting you will notice that there are fewer clicks to get connected with leads and have conversations.  This is especially noticeable if you’ve checked the box for “Remember my choice” on the call connection modal.  Click to call will now load the mini-dialer right away and begin dialing instantly, saving you precious time.

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