PhoneBurner or WAVV? Which is Better for Your GoHighLevel Agency?

April 15, 2024

Is PhoneBurner right for your GoHighLevel agency or is WAVV a better alternative? Your business relies on agents making lots of calls. With so many sales dialer systems on the market, how do you choose the optimal solution? Following the tried and true method of comparing features and reading online real estate dialer reviews can lead you to the best choice. Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you by taking a realistic look at how PhoneBurner stacks up to WAVV.

Things to Consider for Sales Dialers

Outbound call agents drive your business growth. Arming them with great tools to reach as many prospects as possible accelerates that growth. The quality of your sales auto dialer directly impacts how many calls your agents can make, as well as the the quality of the connection on those calls. What good are calls without robust reporting? When assessing dialers, look at the quality of information the system provides. Call agents should have the capacity to track call history, easily transfer calls to sales staff, and not worry about dropped calls. Managers should be able to quickly assess call agents’ performance.

Overview of PhoneBurner vs. WAVV


According to their website, PhoneBurner is a "dialer software that makes outreach more profitable". It works with leading CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more.


WAVV is also a dialer that makes outreach more profitable. Hundreds of prospectors from real estate and insurance agencies can attest. WAVV has the ability to triple your conversations through its leading dialer technology.

Focused on making prospectors more productive and successful, WAVV offers embedded integrations into leading CRMs to ensure the highest possible sales output.

GoHighLevel Integration and Agent Speed

PhoneBurner's GoHighLevel Integration

In order to prospect in PhoneBurner, one needs to export the lead list from GoHigh Level into PhoneBurner in order to start the prospecting session. With these additional steps, speed to lead is diminished.

WAVV GoHighLevel Integration

WAVV natively connects with GoHighLevel. Prospectors do not have to put in the extra effort of taking notes in two different CRMs or paying for Zapier as an additional cost.

Prosectors can also create automations through GoHighLevel using WAVV. The native integration of WAVV means agents don’t have to worry about technical mishaps while they are on the line with a client. Customers love it too. Paula B. raves in his review of the Power Dialer, “WAVV has been a game changer for our business!”:

"As part of my business plan, I talk to 40 people every day. With the WAVV Power Dialer, I can do that in right around two hours. Before it would have taken me over four hours. In fact, the WAVV Power Dialer is calling over 100 numbers in that two-hour period. It’s absolutely essential to your efficiency and the best money you will ever spend."

Integration to Phone Service

PhoneBurner Phone Integration

PhoneBurner is appropriate for only those businesses that don't need to connect with their leads quickly. With PhoneBurner, prospectors can only call one person at a time.

WAVV Phone Integration

In contrast, WAVV was made for any and all prospectors but especially those with a need for speed. WAVV offers a single-line dialer, a power-dialer, and a multi-line dialer. This means prospectors can tailor their prospecting according to their needs.


PhoneBurner Dialer Cost

PhoneBurner pricing begins at $149/mo for the Standard Plan and $179/mo for the Professional Plan. There is a 7 day free trial available.

WAVV Pricing

WAVV gives customers simple, easy-to-understand pricing starting at $59 per month. WAVV does not lock users into contracts and offers a variety of options to fit your needs.  You also get a free 7 day trial to see if WAVV is right for you.

Affiliate Program in Go HighLevel

PhoneBurner Affiliate Program

There is no available affiliate program for referring clients to PhoneBurner.

WAVV Affiliate Program

In WAVV, once an agency owner has successfully onboarded 20 users onto the WAVV platform, they will become eligible to receive 20% share of each user's subscription fee, contributing to the agency owner's overall revenue stream. Click here to sign up as an affiliate!


It’s no secret that prospectors invest a substantial amount of money into a sales dialer. They rely on their conversations as the primary way to find and nurture leads so every detail is essential. From the technical aspects of running smoothly to the quality of information provided throughout the platform, it’s worth their while to closely analyze the respective benefits of any sales dialer.

WAVV’s platform, offers reliability, speed, and efficiency. Its seamlessly connection with Go HighLevel ensures call reps spend their time calling prospects vs. entering data. Customers rave about WAVV’s positive impact on increasing their conversations and sales.

Click here for a demo of WAVV.

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