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New Feature: SPAM Protection

September 13, 2023

SPAM is everywhere today. As a consumer you’re likely getting spam messages often if not daily, and as a legitimate business that is dialing a lot of phone numbers everyday there is a high probability that your number has been marked as spam at some point. The result of being marked as spam is that your connection rates are decreasing. This is bad news. Prospecting is a numbers game and you want to be able to have as many conversations as possible.  That’s why we’ve created SPAM Protection, to protect you against being marked as SPAM and improving your call connection rates by as much as 25%.  

In this blog post we will go over the product features, how it works for you and what you can expect when you’ve signed up for this game-changing product.


Without giving away proprietary information on what we’re doing on the backend, we take your business information, and details on why you’re calling and we register that information proactively with the phone carriers, so when someone mistakenly marks your phone number as spam the carriers will check and see that you’re a legitimate business making genuine calls and not attempting to defraud anyone or do anything malicious.


When you first sign up for SPAM Protection you’ll either pick a new WAVV number to protect and dial with, or you can enter in your own phone number.


If you choose to pick a WAVV number, you’ll be able to search for available numbers in an area code, state, city or zip code.  WAVV will show you all available numbers.  If you enter an area code with no available numbers, we’ll show you phone numbers from nearby area codes that represent the same general geographic area.


If you choose to use your own phone number, you’ll enter the 10-digit number into the field provided and WAVV will text you a code to that phone number for validation that it is a phone number that you control.

After you’ve got your number, we’ll collect a little information about your business.

This information is your contact information, the purpose of calls and allows you to set your Caller ID.   It is important to note that it is up to the carriers to display this Caller ID or not.  From our research we’ve seen it be a bit spotty; some carriers will display whatever you set in this field, and others tend to ignore it and rely on the information that they have in their systems.  This Called ID field is limited to 15 characters.


After you have completed setup for Spam Protection, you will notice a new section in your settings called “Spam Protection”.  In this section you will be able to see the information that you registered and the phone number that is being protected and its current spam status.

In general, after you’ve just signed up your number will show as a “yellow” status and indicate that registration is in progress.  After it has completed it will update to a “green” status indicating no flags detected.  This will usually take a week at the most. It is important to understand that you should be dialing during this time because most of the carriers will register very fast (within 15 minutes), but we show registration in progress until all carriers have completed, and one in particular tends to take about a week. 


If at any time the carriers indicate that there is a spam flag present on your number we will immediately begin the remediation process to have that flag removed.  During this time you will see in your Spam Protection settings a “yellow” status indicator with a status of “Flags detected, Remediation in progress”.  You can click on the arrow on the right hand side of that row to expand for more detail about which carriers you’ve been flagged on.

The expanded view will show you which of the carriers you’ve been flagged on and what remediation steps are happening.   The best part about SPAM Protection is that you don’t need to do anything to have your phone number remediated.  By collecting your information beforehand and registering it with the carriers we will automatically start the remediation process to get those spam flags removed.


In very rare cases you might see a “red” remediation failed status.  This means that a flag was found, the remediation steps were taken to have the spam flag removed and the carrier rejected our appeals and asserted that the number is used for spam. In these instances, it is best to switch to a new phone number and you will have the opportunity to pick a new number or cancel your SPAM Protection service. We should be proactive in reaching out to you if you find yourself in this situation, but if you ever see a remediation failed status, please contact WAVV support and we’ll help you.


After registration has completed and you have the no flags detected status, you will be able to update your registration info.  This means changing the contact information or the Caller ID information.  You will not be able to change the phone number that has been registered.  You can cancel your current subscription and sign up for a new number if you need to switch.

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