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New Feature: Trust Hub

November 21, 2023

New Feature: Trust Hub!

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication, trust is the cornerstone of effective and reliable interactions. For businesses leveraging communication tools, ensuring the authenticity of your outbound calls is paramount. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our Trust Hub—a centralized platform designed to streamline and simplify your business's registration for STIR/SHAKEN and SPAM Protection.


Before we delve into the features of our Trust Hub, let's briefly understand the significance of STIR/SHAKEN.

STIR/SHAKEN (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs): Is a set of standards designed to combat caller ID spoofing and enhance the overall trustworthiness of phone calls. Essentially, STIR/SHAKEN uses encrypted digital signatures to share information about the caller to each provider along a call's path from caller to recipient, such as the caller's identity and whether the caller has the right to use the phone number they provided as the caller ID. These calls are "graded" by the service provider on how well they know the caller and their origin know as an attestation level.

Here is a breakdown on attestation levels:

A : the highest attestation given by the originating service provider to indicate that the caller is known and has the right to use the phone number as the caller ID. (You can attain this with a WAVV number and a registered business profile).

B : the customer is known, it is unknown if they have the right to use the caller ID being used. (The highest attestation you can receive if you use a personal number in WAVV as your caller id).

C : it doesn't meet the requirements of A or B including international calls.

What all of this means, is the more the carriers and the network service providers trust your business and your numbers the more likely you are to not be impeded in connecting with your leads.

Note: as of 11/21/23 an EIN is required to register your business profile for STIR/SHAKEN. As soon as a solution for Sole Proprietors without an EIN is available we will make updates to allow registration for these individuals. In the meantime, a Sole Proprietor may Apply for an EIN number absolutely free of charge with the IRS here: (Be wary of any site that wants to charge you a fee to do this for you.)

STIR/SHAKEN Onboarding

When you launch your dialer this week, you will be greeted with the splash screen above introducing the Trust Hub. Next, if you haven't previously selected a WAVV phone number, you will be able to search for an available number in your area code of choice and select a number to use as your unique WAVV number. It is important to use your WAVV phone number when dialing to get the highest possible attestation levels.

After selecting your phone number, you will be presenting with a screen to register your Business Profile. The information provided on this screen can be used to register your business for STIR/SHAKEN, SPAM Protection, A2P 10DLC brand registration and more coming soon. It is important to note that currently only businesses with a valid EIN will be eligible for completing the STIR/SHAKEN registration.

You may elect to skip the registration at any time. When you skip you'll be prompted with a confirmation window where you can elect to not see the onboarding screens again. If you do this, you may always complete registration in Settings > Trust Hub in the future.

Trust Hub Replacing SPAM Protection in Settings

If you previously signed up for WAVV's SPAM Protection, you'll notice that it no longer has it's own dedicated section in the settings. This has been moved into the Trust Hub settings. In these settings you will be able to review your business profile information if you've already completed it in onboarding or in settings. After this data has been submitted it is no longer editable. (Please contact WAVV support if you have an extenuating circumstance that requires this information to updated.)

Benefits of using the WAVV Trust Hub

Effortless Registration Process:

Our Trust Hub simplifies the registration process for STIR/SHAKEN and A2P 10DLC. Guiding you through each step, it ensures that your business is seamlessly onboarded to these crucial frameworks.

Real-time Registration Status:

Keep tabs on the status of your registration in real-time. Our intuitive dashboard provides instant updates, allowing you to monitor progress and take action when needed.

Spam Tag Monitoring for SPAM Protection:

Stay ahead of potential issues by monitoring spam tags associated with your business. Our Trust Hub alerts you to any spam tags updates promptly.

Remediation Updates:

Receive timely updates on our remediation efforts. Whether it's resolving issues with spam tags or addressing concerns related to your registration, our Trust Hub keeps you in the loop.

User-Friendly Interface:

Navigating through the Trust Hub is a breeze. With a user-friendly interface, you can access critical information and updates effortlessly.

In the age of digital communication, trust is the currency that fuels meaningful connections. The WAVV Trust Hub is more than just a tool; it's your partner in creating a secure and reliable communication ecosystem for your business. Register with confidence, monitor with ease, and communicate with trust—because your business deserves nothing less.

Ready to build trust? Explore the capabilities of our Trust Hub today and take your communication strategy to new heights. Your journey to a secure and reliable communication environment starts here.

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