Enable users to call their contacts on one, two, or three lines directly from your platform. To the user, it feels like a native feature of your platform that increases their call efficiency and causes them to attribute their success to using your platform.

Call on 1-3 lines
Click to call and 1-3 line power dialer functionality.
Automate VM
Save time and energy by automatically leaving a voicemail.
Call History
Conveniently view recordings and call history.
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Enables users to easily send single and blast text messages directly from your platform. Send messages to your contacts from your CRM or from the WAVV Mobile app with a dedicated phone number to keep your personal cell phone free of clutter.

Save time with using contact fields in templates.
Blast messages
Send a message to multiple people with one click.
Schedule your texts to be sent at a later date and time.
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Video Messenger

Enables users to share videos with their customers using any platform and track the analytics to streamline your work.

Ease of use
Easily record videos and share the link in any tool.
Cross platform
Record and share using your desktop and phone.
Improve your work flow by tracking clicks and views.
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