Integration In Under Two Weeks

With just a few lines of code, our pre-built, embeddable tools are loaded into your platform using a set of javascript libraries that you can call.

“My customers are happy. They’re realizing the value of my platform because of the features that we’ve embedded from WAVV. I can’t even put a price on that because it’s not only the money that I could charge, but the stickiness factor in the retention of our customers.”

Curtis Fenn
(COO & President)

Quick and easy implementation

1. Select Products and Review Mocks

Together we’ll deep dive into your platform to determine which products make sense for you. Then our team will create custom mockups for you to review.

2. Embed and Go Live

Fully matured features can be functional in your platform in less than a week. Simply use JavaScript snippets or NPM packages, connect a REST API, and you’re live.

3. Sell and Make Money

WAVV helps you promote and sell the products through in-platform offers, billing, and onboarding—resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention.


What is WAVV?

WAVV enhances your platform with prebuilt embedded calling and texting features. Provide your users unique communication tools without sacrificing time and money to build them from scratch.

How do I get started?

Schedule a call or send us an email at With our consultation, we can help you choose the best options for your CRM or lead management platform. You may choose any combination of WAVV offerings to embed in your platform.

Flexibility on features / packages / pricing

We have ready-to-sell, proven products. But we also offer you the ability to mix and match any feature set from our current offerings to best meet your customers needs. Our consultation call will help establish what offerings are best suited for your unique situation.

How much does WAVV cost?

WAVV is free to embed into your platform. We operate on a shared revenue system where you only pay us if you make sales of WAVV. There is no monthly charge or set up fee, etc from WAVV.

How does billing work? Who does it?

We offer two flexible billing options:
i. You collect the money from users and we send you a bill for our portion.
ii. WAVV collects the money and sends you a check for your portion.
Choose the billing option that works best for you and your platform!

What can WAVV do to help us re-sell the WAVV product?

WAVV has a collection of email campaigns, blog post templates, webinar scripts and more promotional tools to help you sell WAVV as your new product. These will help your sales and marketing teams start fast when it comes to selling WAVV products.

How long does it take to start?

WAVV products can be launched in as little as three days, depending on the integration. We are capable of drastically shortcutting the normal product development and release time. We provide matured products ready to integrate and mock ups for approval before starting any dev work. We also use a very easy-to-work-with API. Once we have the green light, most integrations can be done in a few weeks. Many resellers are generating revenue within a month.

What phone number is used? Can users use the phone number I gave them?

For calling products, customers can use any phone number they own, even one already provided to them through your platform. For texting products, WAVV will issue a new phone number.

How do I report bugs, issues, or requests with WAVV products?

Bugs, issues, and requests can be submitted and managed via our reseller portal.  You will be able to see, manage, and update requests.  This is the fastest way to have your issues resolved.

What is the best way to kickstart selling WAVV products?

Promoting WAVV products at a retailer discount or offering a free trial have proven to be effective forms of acquiring new subscriptions. This is sold as your product; promotions you've used in the past will likely work well too!