Communication Tools

There is a reason why top CRMs use pre-built, embedded tools.

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See how others had success with us

Moxi gained a competitive edge by embedding calling and texting.

Liondesk saved dev time and costs by embedding The Power Dialer

REDX increased average revenue per user.

Integration In Under Two Weeks

With just a few lines of code, our pre-built, embeddable tools are loaded into your platform using a set of javascript libraries that you can call.

“My customers are happy. They’re realizing the value of my platform because of the features that we’ve embedded from WAVV. I can’t even put a price on that because it’s not only the money that I could charge, but the stickiness factor in the retention of our customers.”

Embeddable Products

Enable your users to call their contacts directly from your platform. WAVV feels like a native feature of your platform that allows them to connect with more contacts in less time.
Empower users to send text messages directly from your platform or from the WAVV Mobile app with a dedicated phone number to keep your personal cell phone free of clutter.
Ringless Voicemail
Allows users to leave pre-recorded messages via voicemail blast — no calling necessary.
Video Messaging
Enable users to send video messages in mass and track recipient analytics.